One year ago, our first Fresh Life Toilet was installed in Nairobi’s urban slums. It was World Toilet Day, a day set aside to raise awareness for 40% of the world’s population lacking access to hygienic toilets. 365 days later, and our network has grown to include  129 Fresh Life Toilets that have served more than 1 million residents with the provision of hygienic sanitation.

Today, the media, the private sector, development organizations and civil society will again come together for another World Toilet Day, advocating for better sanitation options worldwide. In commemoration, Sanergy held a day of festivities in the informal settlement of Mukuru Kwa Ruben, where our network of Fresh Life Toilets are based.

The theme for the event was “Celebrating Fresh Life Impact” and included a football tournament between three teams from Kenya’s informal settlements. We were also honored to have a musical performance by East African artists Eric Wainaina, Kidum, and Nairobi musicians Nelmoh, General Nyiden & L.o.v.e Mgenge. Residents also enjoyed the free use of our newest Fresh Life Toilet behind the football pitch.

Want to show your support for Fresh Life’s 1-yr anniversary and World Toilet Day? We have 3 aspiring Fresh Life Operators with Kiva loans ready to be funded. Visit this page at 6am PST/9am EST and help a Fresh Life Operator open a toilet in their community. We’re hoping to have all loans fully financed by the end of the day. Below are some photos from our celebrations.

the ever-amazing Eric Wainaina, performing in his Fresh Life best (gumboots included)

kids in Mukuru with their Fresh Life sun visors

Eric Wainaina getting a tour of Sanergy’s fabrication site

the football pitch at Hope Worldwide in Mukuru

Kidum takes the stage

Yellow v. Fresh Life Blue